Facial Muscle Chart.pdf


    Questions concerning brasswind embouchure.pdf


  •  Stevens-Costello Brochure: ‘Shall I Change My Embouchure – Will It Improve My Playing?’

    Shall I Change My Embouchure? By Roy Stevens.pdf


  • Brochure of  Roy conducting embouchure clinics.  Includes article of Dr. John Basmajian from Emory University  and Professor Elmer White conducting electromyography (EMG) studies of the embouchure muscles with Roy wired to an EMG machine while playing.  These series of tests validated the physical and muscular laws of Roy’s teachings.  Dr. Basmajian and Professor White’s studies have been published in the below journals:
    • “Neuromuscular Control of Trumpeters’ Lips.”  Nature Vol. 241, No. 5384 (January 1973)
    • “Electromyography of Lip Muscles and Their Role in Trumpet Playing.”  Journal of Applied Physiology Vol. 35, No. 6 (December 1973)
    • “Electromyographic Analysis of Embouchure Muscle Function in Trumpet Playing.”   Journal of Research in Music Education Vol. 22, No. 4 (Winter 1974).

     Stevens-Costello Embouchure Clinic Brochure.pdf


  • Brochure about Roy’s embouchure tapes, book and custom mouthpieces for trumpet and trombone

   Stevens-Costello Ad for Tapes and Mouthpieces.pdf


  • Selmer endorsement ad from Downbeat, December 1949.  ‘Roy Stevens with his Selmer (Paris) Trumpet leads his  great new band which was a sensation at Meadow Brook Ballroom.  You can hear Roy and his Selmer on London Records’  Roy is shown in good company with fellow endorsers:  Louis Armstrong, Barney Bigard and Jack Teagarden

   Selmer Ad, Downbeat, December 1949.pdf


  • Selmer artist ad from Downbeat, May 21, 1952 when Roy was endorsing and playing a Selmer K Modified trumpet.  Mentions Roy leading his own band recording for London Records

   Selmer Ad, Downbeat, May 21, 1952.pdf


  • Downbeat obituary from March 1989  Roy passed on October 24, 1988 at the age of 71

   Downbeat Obiturary, Final Bar, March 1989.pdf


  • Roy’s recollection as a member of  the Coleman Hawkins group from the biography ‘’The Song of the Hawk’ by noted jazz author, John Chilton

   Song of the Hawk, By John Chilton.pdf


  • Don Ellis, one of Roy’s students,  liner notes on his ‘Tears of Joy’ album , song 2:  ‘5/4 Getaway’ , ‘The high note at the end of my solo is dedicated to Roy Stevens’

   Don Ellis with Roy’s RS1 mouthpiece.pdf


  • Embouchure Self-Analysis-The Stevens-Costello Embouchure Technique (Complete), 2nd Ed by Roy Stevens is now published by Amazon’s Create Space available at Amazon.com